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Are Now Living the Sheepless Life
The Sheepless Life is a MOVEMENT that serves WOMEN who are READY TO FULLY LIVE.
Women like YOU who are willing to STOP being the sheep of a herd that follows trends, sameness, fears and who buries her potential in the world where pleasing others seems to be the trend and fashion of the sheep mentality.
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what is the Sheepless Life Academy?
Unleash Your Full Potential
To become a great “FUTURE NOW” leader, as a WOMAN, you must not only OWN the fullness of who you are as a human being, but you also require creating your own life-navigation map guided by your original blueprint compass that can only be found within.

With the NOISE of the world, and the scripts you have been handed from religion, education systems, traditions, loyalties, and the MATRIX that many call: STATUS QUO, sometimes a WOMAN, meant to lead her own life to achieve her own sovereignty, freedom and fulfillment, must defy all the scripts that “told her” what a “woman should be”.

Yet, the woman and leader in you, the ONE WHO TRULY KNOWS HER WORTH and DESIRES TO BE FREE from a WORLD THAT DICTATES to her what she “should do, behave, do, believe, feel, think and be” feels the DISCOMFORT of living in such limitation, and most important KNOWS the pain that it causes to ones’ own existence and to those we love when we ARE NOT who we came here to BE, as a WOMAN OF GRACE, of LEADERSHIP, BEAUTY, POWER and FAITH, in our FULL AUTHENTIC SELF.

The Sheepless Life Academy was born to serve these leaders, the POWERFUL WOMAN, who KNOWS, just LIKE YOU, that YOU DESRVE A LIFE OF BRILLIANCY, that YOU KNOW you NEED NOT to compete or be against any woman or man.

Why Join the Sheepless Life Academy?
Being Part of the SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY, will HELP YOU learn how to develop your UNIQUE leadership style, driven by your OWN actualized values and principles.

THE SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY leadership program will assist you to drop all the masks that have you hiding from your own greatness, it will reveal to you your internal motivations, ethics, and as a WOMAN, your unique feminine leading style.

As you commit to DO THE WORK in the Academy, and take ownership of your OWN progress, in the SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY, you will learn how to become a more confident, trusted, and capable WOMAN WHO DARES TO LEAD her own life, and the lives of those she serves in an authentic manner.

You will also, as you GRADUATE, and complete all courses, join an elite group of successful women who have taken the steps to take FULL OWNERSHIP OF THEIR CREATION, and have chosen to lead themselves and their FUTURES with a focus on innovation, legacy, personal responsibility and thus leadership.

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What you will learn in the Sheepless Life Academy
As you explore and implement the practical lessons that the SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY OFFERS, you will acquire new found confidence in you. Will let go of what no longer serves you, and will develop strategies for creating environments that foster and sustain the innovation of your uniqueness as a woman, and as a soul.

You will, if you choose to PRACTICE & MASTER the principles offered in the SLA, l you will be prepared to inspire yourself and others to live a more uplifting life, and you will act with confidence, and lead with lasting impact as a woman that dares to be fully herself in a world that expects you to follow the herd.

Sheepless Life 1.0
The first 8 Week Program designed to help you lose the fear of other's opinions, Unleash your voice and power from within.
Become Fearless - become Sheepless and prepare to inmerse in the next phase.
Sheepless Life 2.0
8 weeks of Interactive Intensive experience to emerge in life being RADICALLY YOU, and master the Mental, Emotional, Universal and Spiritual Laws that keep the UNIVERSE functioning in the spirit of Perfect Harmony.
*available for SL1.0 graduates only
Sheepless Life 3.0
In this third 8 week training program you will learn the basics of FUTURING.  Design and manifest the life you want.
*available for SL2.0 graduates only
Is the Sheepless Life Academy for me?
If you KNOW you have been called, and feel in your soul, the CALL to step up into a divine servant leadership role, and to FULLY EMBODY the powerful, elegant and graceful WOMAN IN YOU, then Join TODAY, the MOVEMENT of SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY where emerging WOMEN leaders are not only fully born but consistently train to grow in power, responsibility and excellence driven service every day.

The SLA will Prepare you to expand your skills, take FULL OWNERSHIP OF YOU, and be ready to become the eye of the hurricane when formidable challenges present themselves in your life.

You will NO LONGER BE THE VICTIM of your circumstances, but the VICTOR of them.
Join the Movement today, a movement created by WOMEN, to serve WOMEN thrive, REBIRTH ANEW, and live EMPOWERED by celebrating all of who they are TODAY.

THE SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY is designed to help WOMEN take charge of their sacred power, embrace wider responsibility, and succeed in increasingly complex roles once thought of as roles only for men.

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The Story behind 
the Sheepless Life Academy
Co-Founded by Séverine Naessens
Séverine is a Life and Responsible Communication Coach, Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator and Business Owner.

She is the co-founder of the "Peace starts at Home" movement and has supported Ivonne in various projects in benefit of personal development such as "21 days of faith in action" and "Network for Human Empowerment"

Séverine has participated as a lecturer for La Salle University in Cancún and as a speaker at different events that promote the development of women and responsible communication. She has also been a guest on various Radio and Television shows throughout Mexico to speak about these topics.

As co-founder of the Parent Talk System Latinoamérica, Séverine teaches the Parent Talk System to promote Responsible Communication in Parenting.

Séverine is a Senior Graduate of the Sheepless Life System and united forces with its creator, Ivonne Delaflor, in 2017 as they co-founded the Sheepless Life Academy to bring the teachings to as many women as possible internationally.
Designed and Lead by Ivonne Delaflor
She is known as one of the pioneers of the innovation in Leadership and Personal Transformation. Recognized internationally as a Spiritual Teacher, Author of more than 15 books, Producer and Life Coach with the TOTAL AWARENESS COACHING ™ methodology. She is one of only 4 people authorized worldwide to teach others in the German system called FUTURING ™, through which corporations, entrepreneurs, executives, couples, parents, individuals create a productive life, brilliant and successful FUTURES. She is the creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System ™.

A practical and systemic sustainable transformation and rebirthing system through which Ivonne has helped over 7,000 people gain complete control over their lives, heal their past, update their present and design a future with confidence, stability, inner peace and personal power. Ivonne is a volunteer of Non Profit Organizations that focus on finding a cure for Autism and Eating Disorders. All profit made from her books are destined to donation.
Ivonne has made appearances on Radio, Television and has collaborated on books by other authors like “Gods and Angels” by Doreen Virtue. Ivonne considers herself to be an ancestor of the future generations, and has a profound love for the human family.

She uses her Faith in God and Humanity as her fuel to keep serving, helping, creating and growing. She firmly believes that it is our moral responsibility, as human beings, to create a better world every single day of our lives.

With a team of philanthropists, Ivonne is co-creating several projects to promote the awakening and rise consciousness around the world.

What Sheepless Women have to say
Dr. Jeanne Fritch
Thi Hien Nguyen
Séverine Naessens
Join us today and discover how successful women lead their families, businesses, and themselves through times of change under pressure, and develop more power, talents and skills as they become more responsible for and of their own creation.

Become part of a family of WOMEN LEADERS, that have chosen to lead, to drop all the pettiness of competition, envy, comparison with other women and men, and be part of a movement whose Guiding initiative is to serve the FUTURE OF WOMAN in HUMANITY, here and now, to help us all improve our ability as a woman to lead the signifiant changes of the world ahead.

The Sheepless Life Academy, will help you create yourself as a WOMAN of continuous GROWTH, SELF-RELIANCE and in pursue of consistent internal and external innovation.

The SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY will assist you to successfully transform yourself, and will give you the tools to uncover opportunities arising from the challenges and unexpected disruptions, so you can pave a path to greater fulfillment, inner peace, and profitability in your life.

Join us today, and STOP BEING A SHEEP of the PAST, begin to LEAD your FUTURE NOW, dare to BE RADICALLY YOU, and EMBRACE YOUR BRILLIANT FUTURE, which is happening, if you dare to lead it and live it, RIGHT NOW.

REMEMBER, that some say that leaders are born, not made. And this may be true, but in the SHEEPLESS LIFE ACADEMY we believe that some leaders, specially WOMEN MEANT TO LEAD, are born in the midst of adversity. And women, so underestimated for thousands of generations, are READY, like YOU, to STAND UP, and take the lead of a LIFE that so desperately needs authentic leaders, leading with GRACE and heart.

The Sheepless Life Academy will help you take that LEADERSHIP STAND, and once you learn the techniques and teachings that SLA offers, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead first of your own mind, and from there become an influence of light for yours and other’s lives.

The more you live and lead a life you love, the more FREEDOM you will experience as a genuine WOMAN leader who makes decisions and faces challenges, creating all life experiences as natural and rewarding.

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  • Sheepless Life 1.0 - Stop Being a Sheep
  • Sheepless Life 2.0​- Radically You
  • Sheepless Life 2.0 - The Future is Now
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